About Us

One Plus
One Plus Partnership has formed interiors in cinemas, restaurants, retail stores, clubhouses, sales offices and commercial offices from 2004 to the present.

One Plus forms the unusual by visualising distinct thematic spaces. Each design is distinct, yet clearly noticeable as our own. Each design features a breakthrough. Each design explores a theme through visualising it again and again in different ways. One Plus interiors take on a life of their own.

One Plus interior designs have been praised by being the recipients of a number of global design awards.

Pulse On is a malleable and playful extension One Plus application; in what you imagine it to be and function as. Pulse On can be interiors, fashion and beyond.

Pulse On forms interiors giving a vibrant and energetic feel to design which is interactive to be in. Pules On explores new fashion concepts that totally change the way clothing is sold, matched and perceived.
Virginia Lung
Founder of One Plus Partnership, Virginia has won 660 international awards for the designs of cinemas, restaurants, retail stores, club houses, and sales offices.

Virginia’s worldwide achievements in renowned awards include winning 10 Iconic Design Awards, the most Best of Best Awards in history; Frame Awards - Cinema of the Year Award; 15 Awards with 2 Gold Awards in iF Design Awards; 25 IIDA Awards, with grand awards Overall Winner and Best of Competition. She was awarded Best in 10 Award in Best of Year Awards, as the best design in the previous decade. Virginia was also the sole winner of Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award.

She adjudicated for INSIDE Festival of Interiors, NeoCon, and K-Design Award. Her projects were exhibited internationally, including Venice Biennale 2016. She is a columnist for JESSICA Magazine, previous writer for Hong Kong Standard and Sing Tao Daily.

2019 4Th Hong Kong Culture And Creativity Industries Awards Photo
Ajax Law
In only 15 years’ time, One Plus Partnership has been awarded 660 international awards. As the design director, Ajax Law showed his exceptional design talent at a young age.

In 2014, he was one of the selected awardees of the JCI Hong Kong Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Selection. Ajax was the sole representative from the interior design industry to have received this honour.

Ajax showed tremendous passions towards his design projects and personally involved throughout the planning and site inspection stages so as to ensure all end products are perfectly presented. He contributes to the society by actively participating in domestic and overseas academic lectures and acting as judge for interior design competitions e.g. Korea K-Design Award, Taiwan TID Award. He’s also a regular columnist of ‘MR.’ magazine.

2014 Ten Outstanding Young Person Selection Photo